Episode 1: Torin


Episode 2: Lucia

Episode 3: Aaron

Episode 4: Sam

Episode 5: Chris

Episode 6: Sarah

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Our Youtube Channel contains free resources that support youth mental health from all angles, including how-to parent/teacher resources and real mental health stories from teen influencers.

School Mental Health Curriculum

We have developed a video-based Mental Health Curriculum Program for Middle & High Schools in research partnership with Columbia University, that is running in schools in the US, Canada, and Australia.

About Us

Open Parachute was founded by Dr Hayley Watson, a clinical psychologist with 15 years of experience working with youth and families, a PhD in Bullying Interventions, and a lifelong passion for helping youth.

“Until now if I had concerns, I didn't talk about them to other people to get help, because I thought people would judge me, but I learned through these videos that actually they won’t…I realised I don't have to be shameful of my feelings.”

“The Open Parachute videos were not surface layer, they got straight down to the main issues and were based in reality. My students were surprised by how much they enjoyed them!”


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